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Rural areas compete with urban areas for jobs, residents, and land. This session evaluates the competition with several quantitative studies. Efficiency Analysis of Hospitals in the Great Plains: An Urban-Rural Comparison Bhaskar Toodi, State of Louisiana; Allen Featherstone, Kansas State University; Ronald Young, Roseridge Home Care. The Effects of Housing Prices, Wages, and Communting Time on Joint Residential and Job Location Choice, Kim So, Peter Orazem, and Daniel Otto, Iowa State University. Connecting Taxes and Willingness to Pay for Farmland Protection: A Comparison of Local and State Funded Alternatives in New York, David Harvey, Gregory Poe, and Nelson Bills. Support for Rural Land Use Controls: Preferencees in Sublette County, Wyoming, Donald McLeod, Jody Woirhaye, and Dale Menkhaus, University of Wyoming.


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