Techniques for measuring amenity and nonuse values are presented using advances in spatial econometrics and hedonic models. The session also explores the efficiency of block-rate pricing and the appropriateness of "Green Box" subsidies. Papers include: Measuring the Benefits of Air Quality Improvement: A Spatial Hedonic Approach, Chong Won Kim, Korea Research Institute for Human Settlements; Tim Phipps, West Virginia University; Luc Anselin, West Virginia University. The Value of Open Spaces for Residential Land Prices & Land Use Change: A Hedonic & Duration Model Analysis, Jacqueline Geoghegan, Clark University; Nancy Bockstael, University of Maryland. "Green Box" Measures for Agricultural Support: How Decoupled Can They Really Be? Investigation Within SAM and CGE Frameworks, Serdar Sayan and Ela Tin, Bilkent University. The Long-Run Efficiency of Block-Rate Pricing Bar-Shira Ziv and Israel Finkelshtain, Hebrew University of Jerusalem.


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