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The implications of markets, government policies and macroeconomic events,on the agricultural sector are discussed in these papers. The Implications of an Export Tax on Sectoral Growth: A Case in Pakistan Darren Hudson, Mississippi State University and Don Ethridge, Texas Tech University. Economic Boom, Financial Bust, and the Fate of Thai Agriculture: Was Growth in the 1990s Too Fast? Ian Coxhead, University of Wisconsin-Madison. Bringing Spatial Relationships Back in to Market Integration Studies: A Multivariate Approach for the Brazilian Rice Market Gloria Gonzalez-Rivera and Steven Helfand. A Dynamic Model of the Food Processing Sector in the New Market Economies of Central Europe Robert Lyons, Rachael Goodhue, Gordon Rausser, and Leo Simon, University of California-Berkeley. Trade Implications of Timber Certification in the European Union Jennifer Stevens and Marinas Tsigas.


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