Major innovations of the 1996 FAIR Act are PFC payments and almost complete planting flexibility. Because payments are attached to the land and not production, landlords are thought to capture most of the PFC payments. With the use of a November 1997 operator survey of cropland leasing arrangements in the Mississippi Delta of Arkansas, the current study investigates changes in crop mixes on leased land, operator attitudes concerning the operator/landlord sharing of FAIR Act benefits, and changes in leasing arrangements as a results of the FAIR Act. Although a number of operators agree that landlords disproportionately benefit from the FAIR Act, about three-quarters felt that there was not change or had no opinion. Similarly, we find little evidence that the arrangements of existing leases changed as a result of the FAIR Act. However, a number of operators report that leases were either terminated or added as a result of the FAIR Act.


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