This report presents policy perspectives of the Country Investment Plan (CIP) for agriculture, food security, and nutrition in Bangladesh. The CIP was developed based on the National Food Policy (NFP) (2006) and its Plan of Action (PoA) (FPMU 2009) following extensive discussions before, during and after the Food Security Investment Forum held in May 2010 to provide a coherent set of priority investment programs to improve food security and nutrition in a comprehensive and integrated manner—covering the three dimensions of food security: availability, access, and utilization. The CIP provides a set of 12 priority investment programs to improve food security and nutrition in Bangladesh. The consultation process with various stakeholders and a policy analysis exercise undertaken for this report feed into ongoing improvements of the CIP by putting focus on some of the particularly important remaining policy concerns impacting the effectiveness of the CIP or some of the required policy environment reforms to ensure the best achievement of results of the CIP. These policy issues are of two types: (i) those affecting the overall effectiveness of the CIP; (ii) those in relation to more specific CIP interventions. For each of the 12 investments, this report briefly reviews the policy context related to each of the 12 areas, and then assesses the critical policy barriers or promoters for each area.


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