The case study concentrates on the on-farm research activities of the Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute (BARI), the largest unit of the NARS. The On-Farm Research Division (OFRD), created in 1985, has the exclusive mandate for on-farm research in BARI. On-farm research teams are located at 23 stations and substations, from which they direct technicians in 11 farming system research sites and 83 multi-locational testing sites.The OFRD subsumed four distinct older programs: multi-locational testing of the Soil Fertility and Soil Testing Institute (later renamed the On-Farm Trials Division); cropping system research on the IRRI model; varietal testing and verification of the wheat program; and the adaptive research of the T & V Extension Research Program. An important aspect of the Bangladesh case study is its analysis of the consolidation of these different approaches to OFCOR under common management.


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