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It is estimated that there are 21.6 million truck trips made each year on Washington state highways. It is further estimated that 45% of transported freight originated from or is destined for a warehouse or distribution center within the state. The growing amount of congestion within the state of Washington has prompted concern over the state’s ability to anticipate and provide for current and future freight transportation infrastructure needs. The objective of this study was to determine freight mobility issues for the Warehouse/Distribution Center industry in Washington State. The scope of this project was primarily two-fold:, to assess the operations of Warehouse/Distribution Centers and to evaluate infrastructure adequacy, and identify deficiencies and investment needs related to transportation. The sample used for this study was compiled from local, county, state, and federal agencies. Collected information was categorized by the Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) or North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) codes associated with industries that operate in the storage and distribution of freight. The data collection method chosen for this study was a mail survey. The survey questionnaire and subsequent analysis were divided into four sections: Warehouse Operations, Inter-modal Systems, International Trade, and Other Transportation Related Issues. The information collected includes the following: 􀂃 Warehouse/distribution center characteristics (hours of operation, square footage of facility, and type of products handled) 􀂃 Daily time distribution of inbound and outbound shipments 􀂃 Mode distribution among inbound and outbound shipments 􀂃 Key routes utilized for inbound and outbound shipments 􀂃 Country of origin and destination of products 􀂃 Mode distribution among imports and exports 􀂃 Ranking of transportation issues 􀂃 Indicators of freight chokepoints The paper provides an analysis and overview of the operations and needs of the warehouse/distribution center industry in the state of Washington.


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