This study explores collaboration between partners involved in public-private alliances formed by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s (NASA). A brief analysis based on the comparative case study approach will be used to examine the formation and operation of two NASA research and development alliances: Advanced General Aviation Transport Experiments (AGATE) and Small Aircraft Transportation System (SATS). Literature on collaboration helps to frame the basis for this study. By exploring the development and interaction of these relationships, this study establishes the elements that facilitate collaboration. The importance of partnerships and collaboration with SATS and other aviation initiatives is advancing with government support. At a recent Congressional hearing, Secretary of Transportation Norman Mineta said, “The Department of Transportation is going to help SATS go from R&D [research and development] to implementation…implementation is already happening…the next generation national air transportation system plan will make the number of operations go up rapidly… SATS is very important to this and our future” (Future of Air, 2004). The study provides a foundation for future research into the varied public-private partnerships that constitute SATS


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