The applied informatics undergone a significant development at the end of XXth century, which is allowed analyzing of soil pollution by computer controlled system. On account of opening of the pollution we can process the experimental data fast and exactly so we can get such a large number of new information. The environmental pollutant affect of the molybdenum was studied by elements load experiment in Nagyhörcsök Experimental Station. The relation was analyzed between the uptake of molybdenum and other micro-elements and its effect on plant organs (loaf, seed) using by different statistical methods. The aim of our investigations to search for answers on how to arable crops respond to a possible soil contamination. It is also important to determine the extent of mobilized elements from the soil into the plants, which type of effect on them, and how leach the harmful substances into deeper layers (groundwater). A computer programme based on Visual C# was developed to process of the large amount of data. The MySQL was applied to prepare the database, since we want to allow access to the newly developed database via internet technology. The data was filled up to the data tables mainly from the Excel tables. Data in internet-based databases must be properly protected. The program can provide access for two types of users at present: the database administrator who is authorised to do everything in connection with the database, and the user who is authorised to make queries only.


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