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In recent years, China’s economic construction enters into a new development period. The buyer’s market appears, structural demand of agricultural products becomes excessive, and the demand market becomes depressed. In the process of seeking approaches for expanding domestic demands, accelerating construction of small towns is a breakthrough point of rural population urbanization, and also an optimal approach for realizing transfer of rural surplus labor. Besides, accelerating construction of small towns is an inevitable path for intensive management of rural land implementing ecological agriculture, and also an optimal path for improving farmers’ quality and improving living conditions. In addition, it is an essential strategy for increasing consumption, expanding domestic demand, pulling rural economic and social development, and also a powerful measure for realizing sustainable development of agriculture. In the process of construction of rural urbanization, it is required to attach importance to strategy of sustainable development of agriculture. This is beneficial for the present generation and for descendants. Therefore, how to build small towns and how to solve many problems in sustainable development of agriculture have received much concern.


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