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Protection of geographical indications (GIs) is one of the difficult dossiers in the talks between the EU and the US on a Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) because of the very different approaches both sides take to this protection. This paper outlines the EU’s demands in the TTIP negotiations for greater protection for its GIs in the US and examines possible outcomes. In the absence of the formal negotiating texts as yet, it draws on an analysis of recent free trade agreements signed by both parties (Korea, Singapore and Canada for the EU, Korea and the Trans Pacific Partnership agreement for the US) to assess how GIs are protected in these agreements and what this might mean for TTIP. This analysis highlights how both parties have attempted to promote their respective perspectives on GI protection through these agreements. Various options for possible outcomes in TTIP are outlined, but it is concluded that negotiating a compromise agreement will not be easy.


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