Extension primarily deals with human resource development (HRD) and the transfer of technology and knowledge from research centres to farmers. Improving human resource development (HRD) within rural community is essential for agriculture and community development. Extension workers are professionals in the extension system responsible for developing individuals in the community. This study was carried out to investigate the competency of fisheries extension officers and the extent of penetration of Department of Fisheries initiatives in improving the awareness and knowledge of the fish farmers in the selected districts of Assam. The data were collected from 180 farmers with the help of structured and pretested interview schedule involving 15 statements developed for this purpose. From the results, based on the responses, it can be seen that the officials scored highly on technical knowledge skills (84 per cent) and managerial skills (81 per cent). They also scored well on training skills (68 per cent), communication skills (66 per cent) and social mobilisation skills (69 per cent). It was also found that majority of the fish farmers (59.44 per cent) had medium level of knowledge in respect of scientific fish culture practices.


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