In the paper the scale of investment in agricultural equipment in Poland in the years 2009-2012 is investigated. The research concentrates on FADN region 785 as it has on average the largest farms in Poland. Thus its agriculture is the most advanced in terms of convergence with EU-15 agriculture and presents the highest potential to compete on the European Union (EU) market. Investment in machinery, equipment and means of transport is the most common kind of investment projects and the first that is undertaken by farmers who wish to develop their farms. The results show that although the average scale of investment is growing it is still insufficient given the average level of usage of fixed assets in Polish agriculture. The EU co-financed support for investment can be seen as an additional source of investment finance, with only about 12 per cent of farms making use of public support in their investment projects. The average value of such investment is several times higher than in the case of farms using other sources of financing their investments. Most investment projects are financed from own resources – retained profits.


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