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The aim of the paper was to estimate value of insects’ pollination of selected fruit plants and permanent crops in the Lublin province by using replacement value method, value of production method. The yields of these plants is extensively dependent on pollination effected by insects. The value of pollination of those plants was about 950 million PLN (estimated by value of production method) and 1,1 billion PLN (estimated by replacement value method). The highest values, in using value of production method, were obtained for sweet cherry orchards (about 40 thousands PLN), sour cherry orchards (about 25 thous. PLN) and gooseberry (about 20 thous. PLN), and the lowest for strawberries (about 5 thous. PLN) and currants (about 7 thous. PLN). In the case of the replacement value method the highest value of pollination were obtained for currants (about 25 thous. PLN), strawberries and raspberries (each about 15 thous. PLN), and lowest for pear orchards (about 7 thous. PLN) and apple orchards (about 8 thous. PLN).


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