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Nutritional and sensory qualities and price are now a very important factor in the demand for the product, especially in situations of considerable overproduction and competition between manufacturers. The aim of this study was to evaluate the sensory quality of sausages Podwawelska in relation to price as an indicator of quality. Material consisted of a sample of sausage Podwawelska derived from 6 manufacturers. To determine the sensory quality scaling method was used, also made the assessment of the overall quality (SOJS). Evaluated the sensory quality of sausages Podwawelskich coming from 6 different manufacturers showed considerable variation. A significant correlation between overall sensory quality of studied sausages and their price was obtained. In the case of sausage found the cheapest worst sensory quality was found. In the case of sausages, the quality of sensory rated positively, the price was adequate to their sensory quality. It has been shown that the price can be an indicator of sensory quality in 50%.


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