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The aim ofthis study wasto determine thedifferences in the developmentof agriculturalfarm in Poland against the agriculturein East Germany, and to show the areaswith similarconditionsfor development.The time scopeof the researchcovered the years2002-2010,i.e. thestage of preparation ofPolishagriculturefor the accessionto the European Union, the implementation ofpre-accessionaid programs andthe establishment andimplementation of thetoolsof the CommonAgricultural Policy. To assess the levelof agricultural developmentthe natural,productiveand social characteristics were adopted. Spatial variations in the analysed featureswere based onthe variationcoefficient (Vz), while the level of agricultural development on the Perkal index (Wi). In the analysed periodthe rangeof variationand degree ofspatialdispersion ofthe sub-indices changed, indicating deepening of the polarisationprocessesin agriculture. The implementationof the CAPintensified the process ofspecialisation andmodernisationin agriculture, the example of which is the increase in theaverage farm size andinagricultural productivity. On the otherhand,theagricultural production intensified, as exemplified by thedecrease inthe minimumvalue in thesixanalysedcharacteristics, which indicates growing disparities.


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