Social protection plays crucial roles in the response of rising food prices. It helps households to maintain access to food and other basic needs, leading to an increase in food and nutrition security, and ultimately prevent an increase in poverty. In this paper, we evaluate the relative and multiple overlapping effects of two main social protection programs in Indonesia, namely Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) and in-kind transfer/Subsidized Rice Program (Raskin), on food and nutrition security indicators. Using panel data from household surveys which recorded both CCT and Raskin recipient status, we estimate the impact of CCT and Raskin on food and nutrition security using both Inverse Probability Weighting models and conventional regression method. We find that CCT had a much greater impact on food and nutrition security. However, the multipletreatment effect between CCT and Raskin is not significantly different from zero. Thus, it is important to re-formulate these two overlapping policies.


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