This paper presents the first EU-wide individual farm-level model (IFM-CAP) intending to assess the impacts of CAP towards 2020 on farm economic and environmental performances across Europe. IFM-CAP is a static positive programming model applied to each EU-FADN individual farm -around 60500 farms- to guarantee the highest representativeness of the EU agricultural sector and to capture the full heterogeneity across EU farms in terms of policy representation and impacts. The model is used to assess the effects of the crop diversification measure, given that it is one of the most challenging aspects of the EU greening policy in terms of modelling and because of the farm-specificity of its implementation and impact. Results show that most non-compliant farms (80 %) chose to reduce their level of non-compliance following the introduction of the diversification measure owing to the sizable subsidy reduction imposed in case of non-compliance. However, the overall impact on farm income is rather limited: farm income decreases by less than 1 % at EU level, and only 5 % of the farm population will be negatively affected. Nevertheless, for a small number of farms, the income effect could be more substantial (more than –10 %).


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