Providing the population with safe and good quality food is one of the most important objectives of every country. The outbreak and spread of foodborne diseases is independent of a country’s location or development level, and may occur everywhere. As most children spend their days at educational institutions, we shall focus on their food safety. Not only for their present state of health, but also because childhood nutrition and diet will basically determine their health in their adulthood and thus, influence the future economic and social performance of their society. This paper introduces background information about school catering in Hungary, based upon the results of an overall food safety survey. The results of our research showed that the food safety level of the different kitchen units is mostly determined by the level of food processing activities. The technical and technological level of the school kitchens did not significantly influence the food safety level of the kitchens. According to the results of our survey, improving the knowledge and the attitudes of employees in school kitchens is more important than technical and technological conditions.


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