Table of Table of Contents: International Pork Trade and Foot-and-Mouth Disease, Shang-Ho Yang, Michael Reed and Sayed Saghaian; Water in the International Economy, Jeffrey J. Reimer; Has Food Aid Targeting Worked in Ethiopia? A Review of the Empirical Evidence, Titus O. Awokuse; Cost-Benefit Analysis of Farmer Training Schools: The Case of Ghanaian Cocoa, Mike Norton, L. Lanier Nalley, Bruce Dixon, and Jennie Popp; A Dynamic Quarterly Model of U.S. Soft Wheat Demand with a Futures Market Linkage, Ronald A. Babula; Incorporating Climatic Variability in a Partial Equilibrium Model of Ethanol Trade: The Case of U.S. and Brazil, Rachna Tewari, Jaime Malaga and Jeff Johnson


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