The beer supply chain is comprised by barley producers, maltsters and brewers is positioned internationally in the seventh place in the manufacture of beer. Moreover, nationwide, the state of Hidalgo ranks second in the production of barley. Also, in Mexico, the food chain of the barley is integrated as a "Product-System" and this in turn is regulated by a Master Plan which entails strategies that guide and give direction to this chain. In this paper, we propose the use of advanced planning systems through the supply chain planning matrix to support the development of strategies for the operation of the supply chain of the Barley Product-System of the state of Hidalgo, so that they are aligned with the plans of the same and in turn, to the plans of the partners. Through this matrix there were identified the various tasks performed in the processes along the supply chain, in each of the planning horizon, and in the implementation stage. This may contribute to compliance and monitoring strategic plans, tactical and operational supply chain of the Barley Product-System of the state of Hidalgo.


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