This paper examines the problem of fluctuations in the prices of main agricultural products such as cereals, potatoes, sugar beet and oilseed in the period 1989-2012. The paper presents the changes in prices of major agricultural products in constant price term from 2012. Results show, that after 1989 was a sharp decline in the prices of almost all basic agricultural products. In the least he concerned the rape and the slaughter livestock veal, in the reference to which a rise in prices was recorded in 1990. In the period of examinations were recorded a few price bottoms and hills, including the biggest hole taking place in 1991, in which the government took multifaceted action stabilizing prices of outputs among others by the central import and enabling the individual transport of ready food. The essential slump of prices of outputs took place also in years of the strong economic recession in 2009 and 2010, which the return to upturns was taken note after.


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