The aim of the study was to present the possibility of applying the AHP-LP method to assess the significance of strategic factors (strategic goals and tasks) influencing the socioeconomic development of the commune. The Commune of Chrzypsko Wielkie in the Wielkopolskie Voivodeship was used to illustrate the suggested approach. The study was based on the data from questionnaire surveys conducted among the councillors of the Commune of Chrzypsko Wielkie in 2012. The empirical studies proved the usefulness of the AHP-LP for assessment of the significance of strategic factors. The method enabled quantification of the significance of individual strategic factors. The most important aims in the Commune of Chrzypsko Wielkie include improvement of technical infrastructure, followed by development of the economy. The reduction of unemployment and modernisation of agriculture were the most important tasks. The suggested approach may be used in the process of making development strategies of administrative units.


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