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The study was based on data derived from the farm specializing in the production of edible potato. The aim of the study was to conduct an economic analysis of potato production and presentation of profitability in the next two growing seasons. Marketable yield of potato tubers stood in 2012 at 247.8 dt/ha in 2013 amounted to 265.4 dt/ha. Revenue in the studied period was 9907.60 and 27956.30 PLN per 1 ha, and a large variation in income was dictated by the price obtained in different years of study per unit of production. The largest share in the structure of costs accounted for operating costs of machinery and human labor 42.7%, the cost of seed 33.2 and 35.0%, then the cost of fertilizers 15.0 and 15.7% and plant protection products 7.3 and 8.4%.


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