The aim of the study was to determine consumer perceptions of selected food products enriched with bioactive components. The intention of eating them, the benefits and risks associated with their consumption were taken into consideration. A survey was carried out in 2011 in a national sample of 1000 respondents. It has been found relatively little intention to purchase these products, but the slightly larger intention was expressed to the probiotic yoghurt and fruit juice enriched in fibre. Opinions about the benefits and risks were similar for all products. The respondents indicated rather small benefits , but also rather small risks from the consumption of these products. Greater importance for the declaration of the intention to eat had opinions about the benefits than risks. Age and place of residence differentiated the opinions of the intention of eating, risks and benefits more than the other socio-demographic characteristics. Opinions about the benefits and risks showed relatively high similarity for all products, while the diversity of opinions concerning specific products enriched in bioactive components were observed according to individuals’ characteristics.


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