This paper is treating the problematics of communication as a vital part of business, organisation and management. Communication is an important company factor that can represent the border between its success and failure. Business communication is like an enterprise bloodstream that reflects healthy balance in its work. It is that communication that is used in different purposes, often product promotion, services or companies. Affability, accuracy, influence, consistency and tidiness of communication are qualities that are supposed to contribute to enterprise positive experience expression. Every enterprise is trying to create a communication style of their own that is structured by the surroundings that it operates in. Enterprises can use different options of promotion to achieve inside out and inside in goals, in different situations. Providing modern equipment or technologies isn't enough. It is more important to master the market and its laws, create good relationships with clients and government institutions, and continuously improve knowledge. There are more and more lobbyists recently that use their abilities with public relations techniques in times of great value for lobbying or changing the attitude of the public or those that make decisions.


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