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Maize is gaining importance in recent years as a promising crop aimed at boosting agricultural growth in Bangladesh. The present study explores the potential of maize expansion by examining its profitability and economic efficiency using a survey data of 300 farmers from three regions. Maize ranks first in terms of yield (7.98 t/ha) and return (BCR=1.63) as compared with rice and wheat. The economic efficiency of maize production is also estimated at a high 87%, although a substantial 15% [(100-87)/87)] cost reduction is still possible while maintaining current output level by eliminating technical and allocative inefficiency. Education positively contributes towards increasing efficiency while large farmers are relatively inefficient. Geography does matter. Efficiency is lower in Bogra region as compared with Dinajpur and Kushtia. Policy implications include investment in education, setting up appropriate price policies to stabilise prices and facilitation of the input markets for timely delivery of required inputs.


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