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Water, food and energy (WFE) are strongly interconnected: each depends on the other for a lot of concerns, spanning from guaranteeing access to services, to environmental, social and ethical impact issues, to price relations. The development, use, and waste generated by demand for these resources drive global changes and fears of resource scarcity. To date, a new approach to the concept of sustainable development is emerging and a joint analysis of these three areas is needed. “Demand for water, food and energy is expected to rise by 30-50% in the next two decades, while economic disparities incentivize short-term responses in production and consumption that undermine long-term sustainability. Shortages could cause social and political instability, geopolitical conflict and irreparable environmental damages. Any strategy that focuses on one part of the WFE relationships without considering its interconnections risks serious unintended consequences” (World Economic Forum, 2011).


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