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The most important measure in addressing the forest ownership/land use rights market are the creation of forest land trade centers (FTC), which are established to facilitate the transfer of forest lands in China. The aim of this paper is to analyze the implementation, bottleneck, opportunity, challenge and developing trend of FTCs, based on the status quo of the FTCs in collectively-owned forest regions in Southern China. This paper uses PRA approaches including questionnaires, semi-structured interview to survey the status of forest land trade in the FTCs in four selected counties and the perceptions of their staff, beneficiaries, local governments, county forestry bureaus and Provincial Forestry Department. The study reveals that the establishment and operation of FTCs are subject to a wide range of policy, legal, financial and institutional constraints. The analysis shows that different stakeholders have different opinions about their own benefits. The staffs of FTCs are concerned about the future of the FTCs and recommend to expand the extension of their services; Beneficiaries considered that the forest land trade involves high transaction costs and a complex procedure. Finally, this paper summarizes the experience and lessons about the FTC, and discusses the Proposals to Improve the FTCs in future.


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