There is a need for customized tools capable of providing more holistic, integrated information about forest-based SCs. This study evaluates uses (current and potential) of performance indicators (PIs) for enhancing SC management in the wood industry. Literature on PIs in SCs is reviewed, and current use of PIs is analyzed in a survey study. The review distinguished PIs may be related to strategic, tactical or operational levels, and associated time horizons. As illustrated in Table 1, they may be financial (largely related to strategic goals) or non-financial (largely related to operational performance and the behavior of actors). Frameworks and methods for developing PIs depend vary according to the purpose. Goals of performance monitoring are described on retailing, processing and rounwood procurement levels. The case study reveals a clear negative correlation between customer orientation and distance from the market, i.e. a high degree of ‘responsiveness’ at the retailer end and concentration on efficiency at the supplier end of the supply chain. Further studies, including mapping exercises,and the combined effort to identify key performance areas, and developing performance indicators and measurements, are suggested.


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