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The study aims to formulate a strategy for strengthening the farmers in the adoption of technology for the development of integrated beef cattle with paddy. Research was conducted in Pinrang South Sulawesi province for seven months. Primary Data obtained by using questionnaires, interviews and focus group discussion. In this study also was involved expert respondents. Flow implementation strategy formulation is done using analytical hierarchy process (AHP) techniques. The results showed that to increased optimally capacity of paddy straw processing technologies dairy farmers as feed technology for implementation strategies required waste treatment at the level of the farmers (weighting 0,558). Increased capacity of the farmersin cow waste processing technology as fertilizer can be achieved by applying a strategy of increased knowledge and skills of extension officers in sewage treatment technology (weighting 0,443). In order to increase achievement farmers cow waste processing technology as biogas and development material/methods extension technology based on the needs of ranchers was required a strategy in providing of facilities and infrastructure supporting the application of the technology of sewage treatment (weighted 0.590 and 0,517).


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