In order to fully understand sugarcane production in Guangxi in 2013, the sample survey combined with data collection and field survey was carried out in sugarcane production areas in Nanning, Hechi, Liuzhou, Chongzuo, Baise and Laibin from May 28 to June 36 in 2013. It was found that the sugarcane growing area in Guangxi in 2013 declined compared with that in 2012; the rate of emergence remained the same as previous year, and as for the plant number of plant crop and ratoon crop per hectare, there was a decline of 4000 and 2000 seedlings respectively compared with the figure in 2012; borer damage rate declined on the whole while the incidence of sugarcane smut increased. Due to the growth in the cost of planting, the growers were less enthusiastic for management. According to the findings, the fertilization and sugarcane field management should be accelerated; borer prevention work was also required, so as to reduce borer damage and dieback rate; the planting structure of varieties had to be adjusted and the cultivated area of "Guitang" as a fine sugarcane variety should also be enlarged; meanwhile other active measures needed to be taken to prevent and control the outburst of pest attack in local areas.


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