The study examined the factors associated with the level of access of Agricultural Extension officers in Kwara State to Information and Communication Technology (ICT). It also identified the constraints to the usage of ICT for the purpose of sourcing agricultural information. Data for the study were collected from the Subject Matter Specialists (SMSs) and Extension Agents (EAs) of the Kwara State Agricultural Development Project (KWADP) through the use of a structured questionnaire. Descriptive and inferential statistical tools were employed for the data analysis. The study revealed that about 70% of the EAs do not earn above N20, 000. Only8.8% of the EAs possessed university degrees and none had access to computer systems at work. All the SMSs had official computers, although none of the computers were connected to the internet. Income of the respondents was found to be significant and positively related to access to ICT. The numbers of years on the job and the age of the respondents had negative but significant relationship with access. Apart from the general constraints to the use of ICT such as, high cost of personal computer, inadequate electricity supply and poor internet access, poor training and technological knowhow were also identified as specific constraints faced by the EAs. The study therefore recommended the need for easier access by all agricultural extension officers to ICT. Besides, training workshops should be organized for Extension officers in the area of ICT and computer appreciation.


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