This study investigated the technical and scale efficiencies in rice production by rice farmers in Ebonyi State Nigeria using the data envelopment analysis (DEA). Data was collected from a sample of 180 farmers using multi-stage sampling technique. Data were analysed using descriptive statistics and Data Envelopment Analysis (DAE) approach. The result showed that majority of the rice farmers were operating with increasing returns to scale 77.2%, 18.99% decreasing returns to scale and only 3.9% with constant returns to scale. The result further indicated that only 5.56% of the farmers were 100% technically efficient in resource – utilization under variable returns to scale (VRS). Result of the analysis also showed that education level, farmers experience and extension agents visit significantly influenced the efficiency level of the rice farmers. Farm size was however negatively correlated and had no significant effect on resource use efficiency of the rice farmers. The variables having significant influences on technical and scale efficiencies of the farmers such as education and extension agents visit should be improved upon to enhance the farmers efficiency level and reduce resource wastage and increased cost of production.


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