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In the present paper time series data from 1976 to 2010 on the price, area, yield and production of major pulses (gram, masoor, mung and mash) is analyzed to estimate the compound growth rate, instability index and annual fluctuation of area, yield, production and prices. Own price flexibility and cross price flexibility between gram, masoor (winter pulses) and mash and mung (summer pulses) was analyzed to measure the impact of production on cross prices. Growth rate of prices for all these pulses was positive throughout the study period. Price of masoor was highly instable as compared other pulses. High fluctuation in area of mung was found throughout the study period. The analysis of own price flexibility reveals that gram and mung are less risky pulses. Keeping in view the quantity imported due to fulfill the demand supply gap, government should provide incentives to farmers for national food security.


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