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Countnes should use the least cost alternative either to produce food or to allow resources to flow to sectors that can generate necessary foreign exchange to import food Pressures to CA"POI t more and 1111port less are apparent and suggest that investments may be takmg place 1111mpo1 t substitution as well as export promotion Greater emphasis should be placed on flexible policies that emphasize stab1lizat1011 of medium- and long-te1111 expectations of both private households and fmns with respect to their tiadmg and moneta1y environments. Internatronal trade policies should be matched in each countrywith domestic pohc1es that fac1htate rnternat1onal flows of commodities. The roles of the mternat1onal mst1tut10ns-IMF, World Bank, and GA TT-should be reexamined functionally and orga111zat1onally lil the Bretton Woods spirit of cooperation


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