Selecting for longevity and time length of peak cow performance contributes positively to cow-calf profitability. This paper examines the economic impact of selecting for cow longer longevity on returns. Data from a longevity project using Angus, Gray Brahman, Red Brahman, Indu-Brazil, Gir, and Nellore cattle from 1985 to 2005 were utilized to determine the economic impact of increasing the productive cow lifespan. Net present value was estimated for cows using a stochastic simulation model. Average NPV was the highest for the Nellore crossbreds and lowest for the Angus crossbreds. The value of inclusion of an additional year of peak performance ranged from $118 per cow for the Angus crossbreds to $244 per cow for Indu-Brazil sired cows. The economic impact of increasing longevity through selection or increasing the number of peak production years was positive. When age at culling was compared, it was found that Nellore and Gir crossbreds had means that were significantly larger than the base, Angus crossbreds. Selecting for longer productive cow life is shown to have a older optimal cow culling age.


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