State marketing programs are dedicated to promoting state grown and produced products. Currently, every state in the US has a state marketing program. At the same time, these programs vary in the extent of their efforts to promote state-specific agricultural products. To date, numerous studies have examined the impact of specific state marketing programs from a consumer perspective. To our knowledge, no studies have examined the producer side of state grown programs. The focus of this research is to identify specific factors that affect firm participation in the Georgia state marketing program, Georgia Grown. We rely on a unique data set identifying characteristics of participants in the Georgia Grown program along with their selection into a specific tier of marketing service. Importantly, each tier requires a specific sum for participation. Using this data, we are able to identify specific factors that influence participation including: industry sector and geographic region. The results of this analysis are relevant for understanding how state marketing programs can better interact with the suppliers who are interested in participating in their program.


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