Applying irrigation get high production results and economics of investments in irrigation systems points out that this measure in agricultural production should be given a priority. By irrigation can stabilize, i.e. increase food production and encourage the development of livestock breeding, processing and other branches of economy in the region of Vojvodina and Srem area. Accordingly, the basic goals of the research are: 1) evaluation of factors of agricultural development with the analysis of impact to the planned construction and exploitation of the irrigation system, 2) market aspects of establishing the irrigation system with water of Srem region, 3) evaluation of market efficiency of agricultural production and 4) defining approach for determination of a new sowing structure under irrigation. Research has shown that irrigation increases the agricultural production efficiency, there makes impact to sowing structure change, and the market surpluses on the international market can be sold, by using the existing international agreements, signed by the Republic of Serbia. However, besides a great potential in the sector of agricultural production, as the result of favourable climatic conditions, natural land characteristics and available water resources, signed agreements on free trade – the potentials in agro-food sector have not been sufficiently used.


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