Information links are an integral part of the functioning of any real system (whether it is a biological system, the economic system of the state or the control system of the company). For proper operation of the system is necessary to have a well-defined information flows both: direct, indirect and feedback. The work is focused on feedback information links. Overall, the issue of the feedbacks is considered eminently as a theoretical domain and the practical consequences of the correct function or dysfunction feedbacks in real life are systematically not paying proper attention. It is ignored the need of purposeful use of feedback and improvement within the building or maintenance of systems at all levels and areas, including control systems. In the literature does not exist consensus on the existence and amount of feedback, which are - regardless of their structure and quality - the limiting factor in the practical performance of control system. This paper is focused on the resolution (or selection) feedbacks relevant to the effective performance of the functions of communication in the process of management and organizational structures of selected companies in the Czech Republic and quantitative expression of their relationship and the transmission reliability control and feedback information. The research was implemented in 178 farms. The output of theoretical and practical research is designed of mathematical model testing information links. This model was applied to the example of management information links within business processes and is also described in the paper.


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