Pull-Pull (PPT) and Imazapyr resistant maize (IR) technologies are among the Striga weeds eradication innovations that have been promoted in western Kenya. In order to direct agricultural investment optimally, the most promising technology need to be identified and up scaled given limited financial and resource allocation trade-offs. Using data from a sample of 326 farmers, we applied the Average Treatment Effect (ATE) framework to estimate the actual and potential adoption rates of the two technologies. The results indicate relatively similar actual adoption rates of PPT (37%) and IR maize technology (36.3%). However, the potential adoption rates of PPT and IR maize technology were 56.3% and 46%, respectively, whereby the adoption gap of PPT (20%) was higher compared to that of IR maize technology (9%). These findings show that, if extra efforts are made to close the adoption gap to potential, PPT is a more attractive Striga control strategy.


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