The phrase ‘rural areas’ mean not only the place for agricultural production and the living place of rural population, but also refer to all the traditions, landscape, environment and residents of these areas. Rural development is highly supported at the EU level and it helps to enhance the quality of life of rural residents and the economic performance of rural areas. According to some points of view, the excessive support should be cut down, but the primary objectives of the CAP should be maintained. The threats of the economic crisis appear more significantly in rural areas. What are the possible ways to increase the economic situation of these areas, where poverty is high, education level is low and the population is aging? Working facilities are mostly connected with agriculture, but the financial background and competitiveness of agricultural enterprises is rather low. The environment and landscape should be preserved. How can all these problems be solved at the same time? How can the environment be preserved in line with the development of the rural areas? The renewed CAP was outlined in November 2010. This paper tries to examine the visions of rural areas for the future.


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