The devastating effects of severe weather patterns occasioned by climate change, frequently present opportunities for enhancing food and nutrition security in affected communities. Flooding in several hinterland communities in Suriname in 2008 presented such an opportunity. Kwamalasamutu one of the largest Amerindian communities in Southern Suriname close to the border with Brazil was severely affected. Farms were flooded and food security of the community was threatened. A joint project of relief, rehabilitation and food and nutrition security was conducted by the IICA in Suriname and the Suriname Red Cross. The experience included in this document resulted in enhanced food security of the community and income generation for participating farmers. John King1, Andrew Baker2, Cromwell Crawford3, Brahma Ramsoedit4 From flood relief to food and nutrition security to income generation in Kwamalasamutu, Suriname EXPERIENCES Inter-thematic Foto CENTA


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