The Working Paper compiles three contributions of a regional workshop on "Regional Networks in Agriculture" jointly organized by three subprojects of the DFG-Research Group SUTRA. The workshop took place on January 13, 2005 in Bad Liebenwerda in the district (Landkreis) Elbe-Elster in the German federal state of Brandenburg assembling 60 farmers and other regional stakeholders. The objective was to present the respective research projects and to discuss first results. The Working Paper highlights the commonalities of the three subprojects with regard to content, research region, and methodological approach. Thus, it also documents the subprojects' past, current, and future co-operation. Peter Dannenberg (subproject 4) deals with types and spatial characteristics of regional networks in agriculture. Henry Wustemann's (subproject 3) focus is on the willingness and ability of agricultural firms in Elbe-Elster to carry out multifunctional activities. Finally, Christian Schleyer (subproject 8) looks at institutional changes of water management systems in reclaimed fen land regions, in particular, in the Schraden region in the south of Elbe-Elster.


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