Prior to 1990, there was a production-led approach to crop production in Nevis. Farmers harvested their crops hoping to get them sold and not producing them for a specific market. This approach to production changed in 1990 when the completion of the Four Seasons Resort (FSR), a 5 star hotel, provided an opportunity to revise the Marketing Approach in Nevis. This revision eventually led to a multi- faceted marketing strategy for agricultural products. The Four Seasons Resort which offers 400 beds and employed in 1990 about 575 persons, created a large single market for agricultural produce. The multi-faceted approach involved joint activities of producers, research and extension in a closely monitored production and marketing system which developed into the „Nevis Model‟. This model encourages producers to become more oriented towards commercializing agriculture. In 1990, the Department of Agriculture along with Allied Agencies discussed with the management of the Four Seasons Resort about supplying local produce to the hotel. The hotel management agreed to become involved in an organized marketing programme and provided information pertaining to vegetable requirements, quantities needed and the price they were prepared to pay for each product. They welcomed the opportunity to do business with the farmers as a single entity. Following the initial discussions between research, extension and the producers, the Nevis Growers Association (NGA) was formed with 12 members. For the producers, this was an opportunity to focus on supplying produce for a specific market in a Market-Led system and to establish an Agro-Tourism Linkage. To facilitate the marketing of agricultural products, a Marketing Division was established within the Department of Agriculture. This Division coordinates the marketing of produce of all farmers and also function as a clearing-house for the NGA. Over the years, the Nevis Model has evolved and a much wider range of produce is now being provided. In addition, a number of animal products are also being provided.


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