Cantine Riunite, located in the Emilia Romagne region in northern, Italy is the largest cooperative winery in Italy. The cooperative, which bottles and markets the brand "Riunite", depends heavily upon exports, which account for about three-fourths of sales in recent years, Riunite was first marketed in the United States in 1967. Rapid growth in the U.S. market was attained, and by 1982 the Riunite brand accounted for 27.4 percent market share of all imported table wine and 7.0 percent of all table wine. An analysis of factors which contributed to the success of Riunite in the American market was conducted. The Riunite presence in the U.S. market was partly a matter of timing - that entry to the U.S. market was planned at a time which coincided with a rising consciousness and a growing market for wine. First, Riunite was knowledgeable about American consumers' taste, and adapted products to appeal to that taste; secondly, its products were priced to attract consumers; and thirdly, their U.S. distributor was strong at marketing and the brand was skilfully promoted by large expenditures for advertising. The firm demonstrated the marketing skill and commitment of financial resources that are requisites for success in mass marketing in the United States


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