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The subject of this research is to analyse the comparative advantages of export of processed food sector, in order to define the position of the processed food sector in Serbia in compare to the Danube region and highlight the products that were and will be the main exporting agricultural product of Serbia. In this research, we have applied the following indexes: RXA, RTA, ln RXA, RC, RCA, LFI, GL, Sm. We have examined the movement of the index for the period 2005 - 2011th year. We have investigated the existence of correlations RCA index of processed food sectors with the application of the Pearson and Spearman index determined as RCA variable mutual co-variant. We found that following products showed an increase of comparative advantage in export as measured by the Balassa index: milk products, cheese and curd, groats and meal of other cereals, preparations of cereals, flour, starch, vegetables, roots and tubers, processed, prepared and Fruit products, sugar, molasses and honey, chocolate and other food preparations with cocoa, animal food (including un milled cereals), edible products and preparations, alcoholic beverages, non-alcoholic beverages, solid vegetable fats, oils, ‘ soft ‘ and animal and vegetable fats.


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