Readiness of the farmers to start a provision of the social services for mentally disabled as an on-farm supplementary activity was studied by an exploratory research, using methods of survey and interview. The results of survey on non-probability sample of 155 farmers show that about 10 % would most probable opt for such activity. They attach minor importance to a form and an intensity of a service. They are ready to accept 1-2 persons, irrespective of their gender. The relations between a farmer and an user have to be defined by a contract, preceded by a probation period of 1 to 2 months. A farmer and a mentally disabled have to undergo training that have to take place at home farm. They see a fact that Slovene framers are ignorant of care farming as the main reason for farms not being included into a system of social care. From the results of the survey, as well as from the experiences of the farmer, experimentally working with mentally disabled on his farm for three years, the model of introduction and implementation of provision of social cervices as a supplementary on-farm activity is suggested. Model anticipates cooperation between a farmer and a local social welfare institution and is based upon the principles of gradualness, partnership, business and transparency.


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