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000183790 520__ $$aDeveloped countries have been researching food expenditure patterns of population
for a longer period of time. They found out that importance of food away from home
(FAFH) was growing. The latter was mostly a result of development or influence of
demographic and socioeconomic characteristics of a consumer (household). In Slovenia
there are none or rather few studies about FAFH. Therefore the object of this study is to
estimate FAFH in Slovenia with Household budget survey, the most commonly used data
set in this kind of analysis. Our research showed similar tendencies of FAFH, compared
with developed countries. The only exception were nontraditional households (single or
two-member). Nontraditional slovenian households purchase less of FAFH than other
households (more than two-member), in comparison with households in developed
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000183790 982__ $$gSlovenian Association of Agricultural Economists>2005 Conference: Slovenia in the EU - Challenges for Agriculture,  Food Science and Rural Affairs, November 10-11, 2005, Moravske Toplice, Slovenia
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