The aim of the poster is to present the main findings of the research study on the supply scale and the demand of advisory services in the sector of agriculture in Kosovo. The study area covers ten municipalities and 120 farms coming from different sectors of agriculture. The data analyses show the supply scale of advisory services from 2007-2013; advisory sources, the importance of advisory services for farmers, and also identifies the methods and fields where these services should be focused in the future. Research findings show that almost half of the interviewed farmers did not receive advisory services and an interesting finding is that ten of the farmers did not her at all about these services. Farmers were drawing agricultural advices and services from different sources, where the highest percentage of offering advices for farmers was from private sector, specifically from different international organizations. The advisory services received from agriculture experts from public sector were significantly lower compared to the other sources. The derived results show that the advisory services were needed on all processes that accompany a farmer in agricultural production. In this regard the supply of advisory services in the future needs to be oriented mainly at pre-production phase, production, protection, processing, and marketing. Whereas, most favorable methods stressed by the farmers in receiving advisory services were oral advices, respectively experimental plots.


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